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I’m interested in the narrative of life exposed through anecdotes and stories. I strongly believe in serving our purpose with all we’ve got. As a millennial growing up in the mists of an ever-evolving world, I don’t believe I’m entitled to the world. On the contrary. I believe in creating my own, and offer it to others.

As a writer, I attempt to understand the world within. I read Hemingway, Kerouac and Bukowski often. But as a human being, I prefer to listen to Dass and Tolle and follow on the steps of Mycoskie and David Roberts. I am transcendental meditator, an athlete, a joker, a pocket philosopher, a student of Kundalini, Tantra and World Martial Arts, a world traveler, and I am 6” 2’. I’m also a Gemini—sorry for that. I’ve thought about making a career solely out of writing, but I have chosen to make a career out of helping others. It’s the only way I can satisfy all my interests which range from the creative to the analytical, and from the social to the entrepreneurial.

I am currently working on two books. The first one is called FLAWS and it’s the story of Joaquin Perierat. The second one is called LIVE AIMFULLY and it describes my spiritual journey.

I am the creative director of AimfulMedia, a marketing agency and product development powerhouse for triple-value products focused on high-quality content creation including story-telling and film, digital marketing and e-commerce management. We are the creators and curators of products and services that are socially responsible, community-oriented, and that deepen the human experience by sharing knowledge, philosophies and stories embedded in the products we create. We Aim to Do Good.

Some of the cool things we do include Aimfully, a store specialized in goods for conscious living, minimalist gear and world goods with spiritual and philosophical themes. We also created The Wynwood Coloring Book, a coloring book for adults based on street art of the Wynwood Art District in Miami.
A division of the company sponsors higher education for talented children in rural areas of the globe. Our goal is to put one thousand children in the university. It’s name is Aimfully Foundation. Our non-profit organization providing avenues for exceptional children around the world to access higher education and serving as a lasting support network. We see education as a platform for economic disruption and encourage for-profit organizations to pledge part of their revenue to empower global education.

You can find me on all major social media. I’d love to chat with you, so I encourage you to drop me a line in whichever format you are the most fluent. (Mine is Instagram!) Thank you for visiting.

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I was born speaking Spanish in Lima, Peru where I attended a Jesuit school until the age of sixteen. I moved to America and worked hard to support myself and my family for a couple of years while I got my degree on a full academic scholarship in a fancy school.

During my last year in college and before receiving a degree in Economics with a summa cum laude inscription on it, I finally felt comfortable with the English language and some people heard my voice for the first time. I also took a creative writing class followed by an intensive writing program that allowed me to add a second minor to my education.

At that point, I had fallen in love with the written word. It reminded me of the journals I kept when I was a kid. But I was too afraid to try it, and instead I tried to open an unrelated business which failed before the launch. It was simply not me.

After that, and with my degree uselessly tucked under my arm, I got a job as a door-to-door salesman. I wanted to know how massive amounts of rejection felt like. Turns out it sucked.

That ended with me selling all my things, picking up a backpack and traveling the world. During those days, I lived with monks in Cambodia. I crossed Vietnam on a motorcycle. I visited many of the wonders of the world, dove with sharks, studied tantra in India, taught English in a rice village, prayed at many temples, changed my religion at every turn, fell in love over and over, and I tried to kill who I was. I lost myself.

The following years were spent rebuilding and taking a hard look at myself and who I wanted to be. All the lessons learned came rushing to me. I knew I had to write them down.

At the same time, and because I couldn’t help it, my analytical mind also needed something to focus on. I taught myself everything I could to build a business from scratch. I rebuilt my family’s business and I helped a sixty-year-old company come out of the dark ages into the digital world. Unknowingly to me I became a digital marketer. Now I use my skills to help others.


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